Be Your Child’s Calm Center and The Power of Playfulness with Young Children


Are you wondering why your child with ADHD or Autism displays certain troubling behaviors? Are you feeling lost on how to parent in these moments? You are not alone. Join us to discuss why your child behaves this way and how to manage challenging situations. Many parents try punishment or persuasion to help misbehaving or withdrawn children to improve their behavior. You have likely discovered that these methods are not especially effective, particularly with children who display special needs. This virtual workshop will provide practical tools and strategies to help you achieve the stronger connections and positive behaviors you are seeking.

  • For additional support, check out the Quick Video Solutions Library, ADHD and Autism: Help Your Child Thrive. Explore the Video Solutions and Handouts for all the classes including Positive Discipline for Children with ADHD: Understand Your Childs Brain, Help Your Child with Autism to Make Friends
  • Recognize the reason behind challenging behaviors of children with ADHD and Autism 
  • Apply strategies to help you be your child’s emotion coach
  • Apply strategies to deal skillfully with difficult behaviors


Overwhelmed with your child’s challenging behaviors?
Hoping for more patience and struggling to stay calm?
Think sometimes there must be a better way?
You are not alone.

We are built to reflect each other’s emotions. When children display intense feelings and behaviors, our brains naturally reflect those. We start to feel stressed, angry or overwhelmed just like our kids. Join us and learn practical tools to help you be a calm center for your family.

Young children thrive in calm and playful families. Play is the best way to help your child learn and grow. It strengthens the parent-child connection, your child’s love of learning, and enthusiasm for life. Play builds social skills and improves cooperation.

  • For additional support, check out the Quick Video Solutions Toddler Library, Routines, Transitions, Managing Emotions and more. Explore the Video Solutions and Handouts for all the classes including Emotions Coaching and Positive Connections for More Cooperation
  • Apply simple calming strategies to use every day and during challenging times
  • Recognize the ways play helps your child grow, connect and cooperate
  • Apply every day, simple ways of engaging in happy and meaningful play with your child