Raise Happy Children: Parenting for Optimism and Resilience


Parents sometimes feel discouraged when their children want more toys, the newest technology, or the coolest sneakers that they believe will make them really happy. And maybe those things will work…for a few hours or a couple of days. What really makes our kids happy? How often do we get caught up in what media tells us will bring joy into our lives?
Research tells us that “things” don’t really make us happy. While temperament is inborn, parents can actually help children increase optimism (positive outlook and hopefulness) and resilience (ability to effectively bounce back from challenges). These capacities are strongly connected to well-being and success. You will examine your day to day interactions and consider approaches that will increase these important traits in yourself and your children. You will also gain the courage to set limits on “stuff” and focus on what counts in building a happy family.