Who owns the problem? Hint, it’s not you. How to teach problem solving and resilience


    • Do you find yourself trying to solve your child’s problems?
    • Do you sometimes get into conflict about problems that aren’t really yours to solve?
    • Do you wish your child would be more effective at dealing with challenges?

When you recognize who “owns” a problem, you can determine who is responsible for solving it. Once you know which problems are yours to solve and which problems are your child’s responsibility to solve, life gets a lot easier.

We often fall into conflicts when we try to solve our kids’ problems. And most importantly, when teens perceive that they are problem solvers, they are less likely to use substances, less likely to harm themselves or others and they are all around more competent. When you teach your child problem solving skills, you are strengthening their emotional intelligence. This asset will help them succeed in relationships, at work and in most endeavors now and in the future.

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  • Recognize the importance of raising your child to be a problem solver 
  • Recognize  why giving kids solutions isn’t helpful
  • Identify and apply specific strategies that guide your child to become a problem solver at any age