Executive Functioning Challenges in Elementary and Middle School Students: Support School Success at Home


  • Does your teen have trouble keeping track of school work?
  • Do they have a hard time staying organized, doing homework or managing their time
  • Maybe they forget to write down assignments, don’t submit their work or even have trouble following directions?

When kids have trouble keeping track of their stuff and keeping up with schoolwork we want to help. But nagging, reminding, coaxing and punishing, you’ve probably already discovered, really don’t help and can cause harm to an already struggling teen. Your child may have issues related to executive function skills.

Executive Function (EF) is a term we hear so often, but what exactly does it mean? This workshop will walk you through what executive function skills are and how they may be impacting your teen. We will also discuss how executive functions and ADHD as well as depression, anxiety and other challenges work hand-in-hand. We will offer evidence-informed strategies your teen can start implementing right away to improve academic performance.

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After this class, you will be able to:

  • Define executive function skills and challenges 
  • Recognize how executive function challenges impact academic performance especially in students who have ADHD, anxiety, and/or who are underperforming in school 
  • Apply strategies as a parent to help your teen improve executive function skills and academic performance