The Awkward Transition: Navigating Puberty with Confidence

Peace at Home November 6, 2023 | Amy Alamar

The onset of puberty in girls is associated with a drop in self-esteem. And the big change can be complicated for boys and kids all along the gender spectrum. Join Peace At Home teacher Amy Alamar, EdD as she conducts an inspiring interview with puberty experts Cara Natterson, MD, and Vanessa
Kroll Bennett. Together Cara and Vanessa host “The Puberty Podcast” and just authored the new book, “This is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained.

If your child is approaching puberty or even already there, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the physical and emotional changes kids go through and practical strategies to support your child through this complicated and yes, awkward, developmental stage. Tune in to the episode now!

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The Awkward Transition: Navigating Puberty with Confidence

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