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Kids and Therapy: Let’s Talk

November 16, 2021 8:00 pm EDT

This workshop was hosted live on the date noted above, you can view the recording and download the handouts below.

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop

How do I know if my child needs therapy? 

What is my role in my child’s therapy? 

How do I know if therapy is working? 

Children develop in unique ways and there is a wide range of behaviors that may be normal for a given child. Some children are especially sensitive, others tend toward the more active, even aggressive side. Parents help children cope with negative emotions and learn to regulate their behavior. This is all part of typical child development and the challenges of being a parent At times, children’s difficulties managing their own feelings and their behavior may become more serious or they may last longer than a few weeks. If children are having problems in more than one setting (both at home and at school), if they appear distressed or upset for more than a few weeks, if your efforts to address the problem have not been successful and if their behavior is getting in the way of their normal activities, it may be time to seek guidance from a therapist. 

Therapy can make a positive difference for your child and for your relationship, especially when you know how to be an active and positive part of the process.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Think about how to choose a therapist and what to expect from the therapy experience for your child.
  • Learn practical ways that you can be helpful to your child and ways you can expect your child’s therapist to help both you and your child.
  • Learn about the importance of setting realistic goals and how to know if your child and your family are making progress towards those goals.

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