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Having a baby is an exciting time in your life. Whether this is your first or third, each arrival brings great joy and new challenges. Parent involvement with a baby’s total care can be immensely rewarding as well as exhausting, and relinquishing some of that care to others is often anxiety-provoking. When you add the transition out to Family Leave and then back to work, plus an ever-changing “new normal,” you deserve an army of support. That’s where the CVS Welcome Baby, Welcome Back to Work Program comes in.  We’ve got Classes, Conversations and Coaching ready for you!

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First Classes, our Welcome Baby Quick Video Solution Series gives you practical solutions. Watch or just listen to experts who get right to the point. Watch one or all of the topics listed below, click each title to find videos (15 minutes) and handouts with proven, easy-to-understand strategies.   

Next, Come Join the Conversations, led by Peace at Home Parenting experts. Come together with your CVS Colleagues to learn, share and gain support. If you miss a conversation, the recording and handouts will be posted below and in your course catalog and here. In 2022, we will be meeting monthly, and links to register will be included here as well as on your live calendar. Don’t worry – we will send reminders out!  Here are the Q2 Conversations scheduled:

Welcome Baby; Welcome Back to Work; Balance Work with New Baby’s Needs

Welcome Baby; Welcome Back to Work; What to do about my Fussy Baby

Finally, when you need a little direct support from our experts, you have options. 

  • First ask a question on our private, expert-monitored Facebook page.  You’ll get answers from our team and Peace at Home Parents just like you. 
  • Next, register for our Monthly Q&A Office Hours with founder Ruth Freeman and guests. You can get on-the-spot answers. 
  • Finally, you may need some personal, private support.   You can schedule a 1:1 Coaching Session with our experts for an additional fee.

Learn more about community and support on the bottom section of your CVS Health Parenting Solutions Center.

Get Started today by clicking on a Quick Solutions title below, watch the video as often as you would like and share the handouts with your caregiving partner. If you are not sure where to start or need help now – email us at

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